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Creative Generation Musical Theatre

Miss Margene’s Creative Generation Musical Theatre is a quality music group of young people ranging in age between five and twenty five years of age, which sing and dance in a wide variety of performances throughout their home state of Utah as well as across the United States.

The repertoire of C.G.M.T. includes shows featuring Broadway hits, pop tunes, holiday and patriotic favorites, popular country, and a parade of production numbers that will take you down memory lane with our “Back In Time" show.



Creative Generation Musical Theatre is under the direction of Margene Conde and Gary Jensen.

Margene Conde, Artistic Director and Choreographer, brings many years of experience choreographing for community theaters to our group.

Gary "Doc" Jensen, Musical Director and Arranger, is responsible for all of the special arrangements and all instrumental accompaniments for Creative Generation Musical Theatre.

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Class Schedule

The following is a schedule of all regular Creative Generation Musical Theatre classes. Other rehearsals may be scheduled when necessary. Attendance at those rehearsals is expected, espescially for those with solo spots or special parts.

8:30 - 10:00pm
Pop (highschool age and older performers)
4:00 - 6:00pm
Mini-Pop (jr high age performers)
5:00 - 6:00pm
Lolli-Pop (elementary age performers)

Performers are placed by age/grade level to begin with but may be moved based on ability.

If a performer misses a class or rehearsal, it is your responsibility to get any missed information about performances, fund raisers or schedule changes that may have been discussed during class.


Performance Schedule

Our Musical Theatre group performs year round at a variety of venues. Performer participation is a one year commitment beginning annually in September. Performance parts and solos are given to those who earn them based on attitude, participation and technical readiness. We will not put a child in a situation where they will not be successful.

Unless otherwise noted, performers are expected to arrive at performance location 30 minutes prior to scheduled performance time. If a singer must miss a performance, it is your responsibility to notify Miss Margene in advance by calling 801-557-0429 so that problems of staging, partners and solos can be addressed. Please do not let the directors and other performers down! If a performance is missed without notification, a performer may be reassigned to alternate positions for the next performance.


2017 Holiday Season Musical Theatre Performances

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    Since 1991, Miss Margene’s Creative Generation Musical Theatre has toured and performed in locations across the U.S. Although we spend most of the year performing at various local events, our group takes an annual tour during the summer. From New York City to Hawaii, our performing group can be found sharing their talent and hard work with audiences for various events and special occasions.



    Tuition & Fees

    Performer's participation is a one year commitment beginning annually in September.
    Tuition is per performer per month for 12 months, made payable to Gary Jensen.
    See fee schedule below.
    Tuition is due on the first class day of each month. Performances may replace regular classes from time to time, depending on the performance schedule.

    Number of Performers Cost
    1 Performer
    2 Performers in the same family
    3 Performers in the same family

    Yearly Dues:
    For each performer*, a $50.00 annual fee is due by November 4th, 2011.
    No exceptions are made for trade agreements or scholarships.
    Make checks payable to Creative Generation Musical Theatre or pay online.
    * Alternate payment arrangements may be made for families with several children involved.

    Costume Fee:
    All new performers must pay a ONE-TIME $50.00 costume rental fee which is due within 30 days of your acceptance.
    Make checks payable to Creative Generation Musical Theatre or pay online.
    All costumes are rented and remain the property of Creative Generation Musical Theatre.
    Upon withdrawal from the group, costumes must be returned cleaned, pressed and in good condition. A replacement fee will be charged for costume pieces lost or not returned.

    Group t-shirts and Sweatshirts:
    Creative Generation t-shirts and/or sweatshirts are required for each child as travel uniform and sometimes performance wear. New orders are placed periodically.
    Basic clothing items such as character shoes, ballet shoes, leotards, tights, shirts, blouses, etc. are the responsibility of the individual performer (see list below).

  • All performers need white tennis shoes.
  • Mini Pop & Pop girls need character shoes, black tank leotard & nude leotard.
  • Lolli Pop girls need black ballet shoes and black tank leotard.
  • All boys need black pants, black shoes & black socks.
  • Concert Fee:
    All Musical Theatre performers must take a dance technique class from Miss Margene's studio. Dance classes perform two concerts per year.
    A $35.00 concert fee per child is required for participation.
    Musical Theatre also provides a pre-show performance at the annual Nutcracker production.

    Parade Fee:
    For each performer, a $10.00 parade fee is required if needed.

    Singers cannot participate in performances if appropriate fees (tuition, concert fees, dues, costume rental, etc.) are not paid prior to the event.


    Tuition & Fees can be paid by:

    1. Check- deposit in the tuition box at the studio. Include student(s’) name(s) & what your payment is for on your check to ensure correct processing.

    2. Credit/Debit Card- payments can be made through Paypal on our website. A small processing fee ($1.20 - $3.00 depending on total amount of your payment) will be applied to all credit/debit card transactions.

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    3. Cash- payments must be sealed in an envelope with the student(s’) name(s) & what your payment is for written on the outside to ensure correct processing. Place payments in the tuition box at the studio. Cash payments are made at your own risk.

    *All registration fees are non-refundable.



    In order to keep our tuition and fees down, various fundraising projects will take place throughout the year. We need your participation and help!

    If parents choose not to participate, we would expect a donation equal to the profit earned for the minimum number of sales or products set by the group.

    You can also donate to fundraisers using the online donate option below.

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    Placement in Musical Theatre is by audition only.
    Performers interested in auditioning must complete an online registration form.

    Once your information is received, you will be notified of audition date and time. Available spaces are limited.

    Online registration will be open through

    If a performer is chosen from the auditions, Yearly Dues of $50.00 and one-time Costume Rental Fee of $50.00 are due within 30 days of acceptance.

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    Here is some important information and reminders to help make the studio run smoothly.

    Parents are expected to wait outside of the studio during class time. In order to eliminate interruptions and distractions, Miss Margene or Gary will answer questions, visit, etc. only before or after regular class time. Please do not interrupt or distract during our time with the children. Please do not be offended if we must ask you to leave and come back later.

    All Musical Theatre performers must take a dance technique class from Miss Margene's studio. Our choreography level simply demands it!

    Please arrive and pick up on time. Students must be dropped off and picked up within 5 minutes of the start or end of the class.

    Please DO NOT drop off at the front door. Please pull into the parking space. You are welcome to use all parking areas to the north and west of the studio.

    Parents are welcome at our studio! However, lobby space is limited and priority should be given to students. Run an errand, read a book in the car, go to the library, take a walk or go shopping. There are many stores nearby.

    Please, please, PLEASE SLOW DOWN! Come into the parking lot at no more than 5 MPH & keep it at that speed until you pull out onto the street again. We have children that we all love & want them to be safe! Please be aware & careful.

    All studio communications will be done via email and posted on this website. No paper notes will be handed out. It is each students responsibility to provide a legitimate email address. If you do not have access to email, it is your responsibility to get any information from the paper copy that will be posted in the studio lobby.