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Educational Preschool

Preschool begins at 9:30 am and includes sessions of free-play, art, phonics, music, creative movement, letter recognition, writing skills and sharing time. The children, of course, look forward to their juice and snack break. Classes end at 11:30 am.

At the end of the academic year, every pre-kindergarten child is evaluated and written comments are provided to each parent.









Our Teachers

Miss Margene, Miss Tiffany and Miss Susan make up our team of experienced, friendly, preschool teachers. Each of these teachers bring different strengths and personality to our classroom making our preschool a healthy, happy learning environment for young children.

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Creative Classroom is closed for all traditional public school breaks and holidays.



September thru December Preschool focuses on:
- Colors
- Shapes
- Number Recognition
- Counting and Sequencing
- Sets and Patterning
- Seasons and Holiday Fun

January thru May our main focus is on our Reading Readiness and Phonics Programs. We alternate programs from Alphabet Pals to The Letter People each year. This enables our two year program to be complete, challenging, and above all---instills the love for reading and learning through creativity and fun.

At Pre-School within these programs, we also learn about:
- Self Esteem
- Creative Art
- Creative Movement
- Singing
- Music---Rhythm---Instruments
- Health & Fitness
- Senses
- Social Awareness
- Friendship
- Community Helpers & Heroes
- Safety
- Transportation
- Science---How & Why things work
- Weather
- Animals---Zoo, Farm, Ocean, Rain Forest, Dinosaurs
- Poetry
- Days of the Week---Months of the Year
- Our Country
- Different Cultures
- Nursery Rhymes

We want each child who enters any program at Miss Margene’s to become a well-rounded human being, to learn to be able to make good choices, to be kind, independent and yet follow rules that make them feel confident and successful. Most of all, we want each child to feel important and loved giving them a safe environment to grow and succeed at whatever they may try at Miss Margene’s.


Tuition & Fees

Students are registered for a 9-month class session. Tuition is figured annually and broken down into 9 equal payments. Tuition is NOT based on number of classes per month but on the number of total classes during the 9-month session. Holidays and school breaks have already been taken into account and no additional adjustments will be made. No discounts will be given due to student absence.

All tuition is due monthly on the first day of class.
- A $10.00 late fee will be added for tuition paid after the 10th of the month.
- Returned checks will incur a $20.00 fee.
Registration Fees are due by the first day of class in September.
Concert Fees are due 6 weeks prior to each performance. Reminders will be sent in advance of these deadlines.

Tuition & Fees can be paid by:
1. Check- made payable to Miss Margene’s Creative Classroom and deposit in the tuition box at the studio. Include student(s’) name(s) & what your payment is for on your check to ensure correct processing.

2. Credit/Debit Card- payments can be made through Paypal on our website. A small processing fee ($1.20 - $3.00 depending on total amount of your payment) will be applied to all credit/debit card transactions.

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3. Cash- payments must be sealed in an envelope with the student(s’) name(s) & what your payment is for written on the outside to ensure correct processing. Place payments in the tuition box at the studio. Cash payments are made at your own risk.

Monthly Tuition  
Two-day Preschool
Three-day Preschool
Two-day Preschool + Dance
Three-day Preschool + Dance
Annual Registration Fee  
Preschool only
Preschool + Dance (new student)
Concert Fee (Per Dancer)  
Spring Concert

*All registration fees are non-refundable.

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Online registration will be open through

Available spaces are limited. ONLINE REGISTRATION IS A REQUEST FOR PLACEMENT ONLY--- it does not guarantee class availability.

If class space is available for your student, we will notify you with your class details at which time the annual registration fee must be paid to confirm your studentís placement.

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Classroom Policies

Here is some important information and reminders to help make the studio run smoothly.

Please arrive and pick up on time. Students must be dropped off and picked up within 5 minutes of the start or end of the class.

Please DO NOT drop off at the front door. Please pull into the parking space. You are welcome to use all parking areas to the north and west of the studio.

Parents are welcome at our studio! However, lobby space is limited and priority should be given to students. Run an errand, read a book in the car, go to the library, take a walk or go shopping. There are many stores nearby.

Please, please, PLEASE SLOW DOWN! Come into the parking lot at no more than 5 MPH & keep it at that speed until you pull out onto the street again. We have children that we all love & want them to be safe! Please be aware & careful.

Dancers- Please arrive in form fitting dance clothes with hair pulled up and ready to dance! No baggy shirts or pants. When we look like dancers, we feel and perform like dancers!

Creative Classroom faculty can NOT transport students.

All studio communications will be done via email and posted on this website. No paper notes will be handed out. It is each students responsibility to provide a legitimate email address. If you do not have access to email, it is your responsibility to get any information from the paper copy that will be posted in the studio lobby.